It's the core of what I do! 

From telling dramatic stories about my imaginary friends to starting a preteen fashion blog, my passion for storytelling has fuelled each stage of my life. My years of experience with personal branding photography in Toronto has taught me that branding is built on sharing the story of who you are. From the initial consultation to the final edits, you’ll experience my creativity at work, leaving you with exceptional images that reflect each of your unique qualities. 

A strong willed individual… 

What entrepreneur isn’t? 

What entrepreneur isn’t? Working for yourself and designing the life you want takes courage, determination, and persistence. As a female photographer working on my own brand, I understand what it means to be a female entrepreneur and the struggles that come with the job. 

That is why I love supporting this community of powerful women as we work together to help bring our visions to life! 


This one’s just for fun!

In another life, you might find me on my dream farm surrounded by cows and pigs. In this life, you’ll find me in my downtown Toronto loft lounging on the couch with my dog, Coco, my best friend/roomie, Emma, and her cat, Cooper. I guess you could say we have our own version of a farm! 

I specialize in headshot photography and personal branding for individuals and small business owners

How I landed in personal branding photography in Toronto 

With a BFA in photography from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) paired with over six years of experience in the industry, I work with female entrepreneurs to create powerful photos and portraits that capture each brand's vibrant personality. My experience, combined with my love of fashion and storytelling, inspired me to pursue personal branding photography in Toronto.

How do you pick from all the headshot photographers in Toronto? 

As one of the few female headshot photographers in Toronto, I understand the fear of breaking out of your comfort zone. Being in front of the camera can feel awkward and attempting to bring your visions to life can be overwhelming. It is my job to ensure you feel comfortable and confident through every step of the process. I am an expert in creating a fun, relaxed environment where you can be your most authentic self. 

Whether you need headshots to showcase your personality or you need some updated product photos, I'm your girl!